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Tile Cleaning Spruces Up Redding Customer's Slate Shower Floor

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November 18, 2015

This Redding homeowner's house has seen a lot in the last forty or so years of its existence. Her cozy, warm Victorian home had seen her move in when she first arrived in Redding, Connecticut. The house has seen her children grow up, go to school, graduate, and move out, moving onto college, graduate school, and careers. The house then welcomed numerous Thanksgivings, Christmases, friends, and grandchildren. Her home withstood countless rainstorms and Connecticut's bitter cold winter snowstorms.

As the years went on, she started noticing that so much activity was taking a toll on her home -- her home was aging. Particularly, upon taking her daily showers, she started noticing that the slate stone tiles covering her shower floor were slowly turning dull and scummy. The grout holding the slate together was not doing much better -- the once light-colored, fresh grout looked dark, rough, and discolored. She even noticed that in some places, the grout was cracking and peeling! What made matters worse is that no matter how hard she cleaned and scrubbed the showers, not only did it not seem to fix the dull, discolored slate, but it seemed to be damaging the grout even further. After asking around for advice, this tenacious Redding resident got on the internet and searched for Redding tile cleaning and grout cleaning services, and found Sir Grout of Fairfield. Trying to do her due diligence and make sure she was dealing with an upstanding business, she went on to read customer reviews. She was soon very impressed by the amount of positive reviews and happy customers. Not hesitating, she called Sir Grout of Fairfield immediately to inquire about tile cleaning services. She hoped to find out what could be done about her shower tile and grout.

Although she was right to try to clean the shower before calling in a professional cleaning or attempting a costly remodel, her efforts were futile for a reason. Slate, much like any other stone, is actually porous on a microscopic level. Dirt, grime, calcium deposits, and moisture seep into the microscopic pores and stay there indefinitely until the grout is properly cleaned. Getting them out with conventional, over-the-counter cleaning products is not only almost impossible, but can actually hurt the stone by damaging it further. She made the right choice by contracting Sir Grout of Fairfield -- Sir Grout has the experience and know-how to properly clean and restore slate tiles, like the ones found in her shower.

Upon arriving at our new client's residence in Redding, Sir Grout's trained, professional tile and grout cleaning team did a thorough assessment of the damage, took pictures of the pre-treatment state of the shower and determined the scope of work. To clean the stone, the team used a proprietary process involving chemicals and steam cleaning tools to grind the floor and lift the years of dirt, mold, grime, and calcium deposits from the slate tiles, and get them back to looking the way they did when they were new. To address the cracking, damaged grout, the team fixed all broken and molded grout to get grout back to its former smooth state. As the last step in the restoration and cleaning process, Sir Grout's team sealed the stone to prevent future exposure to grime, mold, and dirt from penetrating the surface. The seal also served a second purpose, to shine and deepen the color of the slate.

Once the project was done, the lucky Redding homeowner was thrilled with the results!

For a professional tile and grout cleaning service, turn to the Redding area stone cleaning experts -- Sir Grout of Fairfield. Contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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