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Our Grout Cleaning Experts Fully Revamped This Bathroom Floor in Westport, CT

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May 17, 2024

A homeowner in Westport, CT, tried different solutions on her bathroom floor, but nothing seemed to work. Routine maintenance had been simple enough when she first bought her house, but foot traffic had gradually dimmed the floor's look. By the time she contacted our grout cleaning services in Westport, CT, the homeowner had been struggling for months as the floor's look was also dampened by embedded dirt on the grout.

Bathroom Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Westport, CT
She first heard about Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County from a friend and wondered if our techs would be able to help her with her problem. This was followed by an afternoon spent researching online, where she read through our website, found dozens of customer reviews, and marveled at our picture gallery. She then decided to fill out the online form to request an appointment, eager to hear what our crew had to say about her bathroom floor.

On the scheduled date, our experts headed to her address for an in-home evaluation. The client recognized their vehicle and uniform right away, so she gave them a rundown of her previous cleaning attempts while leading them to the bathroom area. Once in there, our techs saw large spots of discoloration from old stains. The tiles had no appeal and the grout lines looked washed out, especially in areas where the grout had gone loose, leaving gaps in its place. Our specialists explained that generic cleaners don't have the right ingredients to help you upkeep high-traffic surfaces. Instead, they create a soapy film that allows the absorption of water, grime, and other elements into the grout pores. As hard surfaces become more exposed to harsh ingredients, it's harder for homeowners to keep up with the amount of dirt entering their rooms because a large portion of it gets embedded in the grout and the tiles.

Our crew knew what they had to do. They offered to make the necessary repairs on the grout before sealing all the grout lines on the bathroom floor. They also needed to deep clean the surface, so they tested our permeating cleaner on a portion of the grout to show its effectiveness against common bathroom stains. The homeowner was impressed by our team's expertise so she accepted their offer right away.

A few days later, our techs returned to her house, this time with the necessary equipment to complete the floor's restoration. For the first step, they soaked the entire floor with our special cleaner and ran a high-speed scrubber over the surface. They kept scrubbing until all the dirt detached from the pores and the result brought out the tiles' natural colors.

To repair the missing grout, our specialists applied water-resistant epoxy grout on the gaps, making sure that no cracks remained around the affected areas. Then, they applied ColorSeal to all the lines on the floor and restored the grout's uniform coloring. Thanks to our acrylic-based sealant, you can preserve the grout's original color through foot traffic and wear and tear. Our sealant repels all external elements and keeps its protection on the grout for months on end.

Near the end of their visit, our experts buffed the floor with tile sealant for good measure. The process left the tiles with no traces of dirt left on the surface. The client was very thankful, so she immediately promised to recommend our services everywhere around Westport, CT.

While putting away their equipment, our crew went over some important cleaning pointers with the client. They started by recommending Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner when she asked about alternatives to replace bleach and other traditional cleaners. As they said during their visit, pH-neutral products are far more effective against embedded dirt and they don't release toxic fumes into your living spaces. Their formula also reduces the risk of discoloration so it's easier for homeowners to preserve their floors in time.

On that note, our specialists also told the client that non-abrasive cleaning tools are the best way to make the best of pH-neutral cleaners. Steel wools are not particularly effective at eliminating dirt from harder-to-reach surfaces and they are more likely to scratch the tiles in the process. The last recommendation was a reminder to keep the bathroom properly ventilated throughout the day as moisture buildup is the main cause of mold and mildew. Good circulation of fresh air will keep the floors dry and make routine cleaning much simpler for homeowners.

Are you not happy with the state of your bathroom surfaces? Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County offers outstanding restoration services to help you deal with any problem, from discoloration to embedded mold on your grout. We set the standard with our skills and customer service, so you won't be disappointed with the result. Just call (203) 702-4896 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment with our techs. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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