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Etch Marks on Your Marble Bar? See Extraordinary Results After a Stone Honing Service in Stamford, CT

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August 23, 2017

Having a marble bar at home calls out for special get-togethers with family and friends to share meals, since it's a place where children do their school work or where friends just have a sit down to share stories. A family in Stamford, CT recall when their children were younger, whom had inevitably spilled juice and other liquids all over their bar. The busy parents were working all the time and it was impossible for them to take care of the etches and stains on their marble bar. Now that the kids are older and understand how important this is, their parents decided to do something about their valuable marble bar after all these years and started looking for a company who offered stone honing services in Stamford.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing Service in Stamford, CT
For months, they tried to clean the bar using cleaning products bought at local markets to remove etch marks, but it made the stone look even worse. They realized they were only ruining the surface more.

One day, a neighbor mentioned a company who offered the stone restoration services they were looking for and the results were incredible. These parents went online and found our company in the top searches. They saw stunning results from similar cases after our honing service and gave us a call to schedule a free evaluation from our team of experts.

On the day of the inspection, our experts could see what the parents meant when they told them that this bar was looking dull. They confirmed that the use of products like vinegar and acidic cleaning solutions were what affected the marble. The Stamford residents admitted that they used several cleaning products and online tricks, without knowing that they were damaging the stone.

After the evaluation, our team decided that this marble bar needed a complete stone honing service to remove etches and stain marks; they thoroughly explained how this process would work. Since the parents felt confident with Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County and the before and after pictures they saw, plus the positive comments from our previous clients, they immediately accepted. They wanted their marble bar to look beautiful again.

To begin the process, our experts first masked and protected the surrounding areas, before applying a non-toxic, soap-less cleaner. Then, the marble bar was scrubbed with a high-speed vertical scrubber. After, marble was ready for the stone honing process. Our team used the right machinery to properly hone the marble, making the etch and stain marks disappear. They told the parents that they would also seal the bar to protect it from future stains.

The parents were in awe once the job was finished. They couldn't believe their marble bar was as beautiful as new. It was better than she had ever imagined. After all these years, this was once again the important place for the family to come together and talk, eat, etc. The father didn't stop thanking our team for the incredible work. Both parents were very happy and they stated they will recommend our amazing services to anyone in need of a high-quality stone honing service in Stamford.

If properly taken care of, marble's beauty and brightness can be preserved for many years. Before leaving, our technicians told the parents that most homeowners don't know how to maintain marble. They continued by explaining how this natural stone can easily be damaged, especially by acidic substances such as lemon and vinegar, which causes etch marks. They recommended them to avoid these kinds of products. They also advised them to clean their bar only with pH-neutral cleaners and to clean spills right away.

If your marble surfaces are experiencing something similar, Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County is the right choice. We count on our professional experts in the hard surface restoration industry to restore your stone surfaces no matter what. For more information, fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page or call (203) 702-4896. Like these parents, you can see our work and receive incredible tips.

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