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Tile Cleaning Service in Darien, CT Gives This Tile Floor an Extraordinary New Look

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August 22, 2016

This homeowner's residence was located in the beautiful town of Darien, on the Gold Coast of Connecticut. Her house was her pride and joy. She did everything to keep her home as charming as possible. However, she had been noticing that her mudroom's tile floor looked different lately. This Darien resident had tried different cleaning methods with no results; in fact, they only seemed to worsen the appearance of her aged mudroom floor. The tiles had become dirty, severely etched, and stained, with a brownish wax layer.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Service in Darien, Connecticut
She really wanted to have it restored but did not know where to start looking. The only thing she could think of was finding a company with proven expertise. Luckily, her best friend retweeted a post from Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County. She immediately visited our website to look for our local Darien tile cleaning services. After watching the testimonials, she was convinced of our professionalism and decided to schedule a free in-home quote.

Most homeowners choose tiles for the areas in their home with heavy foot-traffic, since they are durable and easy to clean. Nevertheless, choosing the correct cleaning products for tile floors and walls is crucial to prevent etching, staining, and dirt buildup. It is well known that sparkling floors are very desirable, but it is necessary to consider that soap-based and glow finish products, such as Mop & Glo, might stick to the tile surface, which acts like a magnet for dirt and grime.

Our tile cleaning specialists arrived at this customer's home and assessed the floor. They told the homeowner that the surface had been subjected to the wrong cleaning products for a long time. The glow finish she had expected from applying Mop & Glo, had transformed into a big, brownish stain, covering most of the floor. The experts said that they would have to carry out an exhaustive cleaning procedure, which included stripping and deeply cleaning the tile with the appropriate products.

When the professionals mentioned the word "stripping", an alarm went off in the homeowner's mind, as she didn't want her floor damaged beyond repair. She revealed her concern about the effects that the stripping part of the procedure would have on her floor, but our team calmed her down by assuring how safe our methods were, and how careful they were with hard surfaces.

The experts began their service by safely stripping the layers of grimy, old wax off the tiles. After, they used a mix of soap-free, pH-neutral cleaning products and a modern scrubber that would thoroughly remove any residue from the stripping process. They finished the job with vapor steam to deeply clean the surface, giving the tiles a pristine appearance.

The crew finished the service and called the customer to show her the impeccable results. The homeowner was deeply happy and relieved after the job was finished, as she noticed no damage on her floor. On the contrary, the brownish, waxy buildup had completely disappeared and the true uniform color of the tiles had returned. She was amazed. She thanked the team for their professionalism and commitment to fulfill her specific needs, and affirmed she would recommend our service to any person she knew.

Our well-trained professionals gave this customer some recommendations on how to keep the tile surface clean and beautiful. They advised her to periodically clean the tiles at least once a week, using a damp mop and soap-less products. They recommended her to stay away from glow finish products and to hire a professional service if she wanted a glossy finish.

If you have a tile surface in need of cleaning, Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County is perfect for you! We have the best professionals in the hard surface restoration industry with high quality training to fulfill your needs at a fair price. For further information, fill out the form on our website or call (203) 702-4896. We will gladly assist you.

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