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Discover How We Saved This Fairfield Home's Old Travertine Bathroom Floor with a Stone Sealing Treatment

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December 23, 2015

A few days ago, a homeowner from the Greater Fairfield area was looking through a box full of old photos she had found in her attic. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a couple of photos of her master bathroom suite. It seemed like an entirely different bathroom - the floor looked shiny and the color of the travertine was a lot lighter than she remembered. She ran to the store to get all the products she thought she needed to get her floor back to what it once was, to no avail. She spent an entire day cleaning, mopping, and waxing, but nothing she did seemed to work. After an unsuccessful attempt to revive her old travertine floor by herself, she decided to go online to find out what she could do to improve its appearance. Luckily for her, she found a local company that specializes in Fairfield stone sealing. She found Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County. She was very skeptical, but decided to give them a call anyway, after all, an evaluation was free, and she was desperate to find out what could be done for her old, worn, dirty travertine floor. She honestly thought it was a lost cause.

How We Saved This Fairfield Home's Old Travertine Bathroom Floor with a Stone Sealing Treatment

When the specialists visited her, they explained why this kind of floor gets so dirty and dull with time. Travertine is, like most natural stones, very porous. When proper care is not taken, travertine will accumulate soil and dirt, and it absorbs fluids like water and oil, making it look darker and unpolished. Because of their composition, most natural stones need to be specially treated before their installation and throughout their lifespan. Travertine, because of its formation process, is usually associated with organic matter and gas emissions. It has a vacuolar, spongy structure, where dirt will accumulate, no matter what it is used for. Some travertine comes filled, so the amount of dirt that accumulates is reduced. However, the naturally beautiful appearance of travertine loses some of its luster. This customer chose unfilled travertine, which is prone to accumulate soil and dirt as time passes by, and needs to be regularly polished to be kept in good condition. Even if unfilled travertine is polished right after it is installed, it will remain vulnerable to wear and tear.

This particular floor had not been professionally cleaned since the client owned the house. It had been habitually treated as if it was a regular tile floor, resulting in the damage she discovered when comparing the current state of the floor with the old photos she had found. There were decades' worth of dirt, dust, oil, detergent, grease, and more.

After speaking with our experts, the homeowner realized she had not been taking proper care of her precious travertine bathroom floor, and didn't expect much could be done to get it back to its old condition. She simply wanted the floor to look cleaner and, if possible, to get a bit of its old shine back.

Sir Grout of Fairfield offers several cleaning and sealing options, depending mainly on the type of stone. After evaluating the main issues with this customer's floor, the Fairfield stone sealing team got to work. As well qualified, certified professionals, they knew exactly what needed to be done to get this floor looking as good as new. First of all, a deep cleaning was carried out using pH-neutral cleaners. Then, a steam cleaning was combined with our state-of-the-art scrubbing system. This method is used to remove dirt and stains from even the most delicate stones, and it guarantees excellent results every time. After a proper cleaning, the stone sealing experts proceeded to use our one-of-a-kind, water-borne polymer sealant, Stone Armor. Sir Grout's exclusive product would give this travertine floor the protection it needed. It prevents soil from penetrating the stone without altering the gorgeous stone surface. This protection typically lasts for up to 18 months. After cleaning, sealing and honing, our Fairfield stone polishing treatment brought back this old, worn looking floor to its original beauty and sheen.

When we showed the finished floor, the lucky homeowner couldn't believe her eyes, again! She was overjoyed to see her bathroom floor looking as good as new. She was so happy she said she'd recommend us to anyone she knew every day of the week, and twice on Sunday! We felt very proud to have accomplished our goal and to have exceeded our customer's expectations, but were also very happy see the smile on her face when she saw the final result.

We reminded her that this kind of stone needs special care and has to be cleaned with pH-neutral detergents to avoid damaging the surface and to keep its luster and protective treatment. When she asked us which products we could recommend, we mentioned Sir Grout's pH-neutral, soap-less floor cleaner, which safely cleans hard surfaces without damaging them.

If you want your floor looking as good as new, call us at (203) 702-4896 or use our online scheduling option at the top of this page for a free quote. Enjoy an amazing Fairfield stone sealing service for your home or business. We'll be happy to send our experts your way.

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