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Discover How This Stamford Marble Floor Went from Dull to Luminous with A Hard Surface Restoration Service

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February 20, 2017

Everybody knows marble is one of the most beautiful stones. It's a classic material that has been used in different structures for centuries, and it will hardly go out of style. Marble brings feelings of luxury and creates an image of elegance. There's one problem with marble: it becomes easily stained and etched by acids. However, when cared for properly, this stone can last forever. Here at Sir Grout, our Stamford hard surface restoration experts want to give you some advice on how to take care of your precious stone.A truly unique stone, marble is so versatile that it can be used throughout the house in bathrooms, flooring, countertops, and walls. Naturally durable, marble can be used on almost every surface! Here at Sir Grout, we love marble because of its attractive appearance and texture.

Before and After Picture of a Hard Surface Restoration Service on a Marble Floor in Stamford, Connecticut
Recently, Sir Grout of Fairfield came to the rescue of one of our clients by restoring his once-elegant marble floor that had become dull and worn over the years, as shown in the "Before" picture above. Our client was a little stressed, because, while making plans to sell his beautiful home in Fairfield, he realized that his marble floors no longer shined with the elegance that had greeted him back when he moved in. His marble seemed dull and opaque, as if there was a film over the marble tiles. At first, our customer thought that a thorough cleaning would do the job, but after several tries, nothing seemed to be restoring the shine that was just a fading memory now. As a result, the luscious vibe of his home had been dampened, putting it in a less-than-optimal condition to be resold and creating a need for him to look for a Stamford hard surface restoration company to help him as soon as possible. It wasn't long before he found Sir Grout of Fairfield, and he resolved to schedule an appointment with us to have stone services performed.

What our client did not know at the time was that moisture, dirt, soap scum, harsh chemicals, and cleaning products can all damage delicate marble. Although it appears smooth on the surface, marble is actually very porous. Additionally, scrubbing and harsh cleaning chemicals can make the stone chip, leading to a rough, uneven surface. To get his marble floor back to its original shine, our customer needed professional, experienced help and our Sir Grout of Fairfield team was perfectly capable of completing the task!

Upon arriving at the customer's residence, Sir Grout's trained, professional Stamford hard surface restoration team assessed the damage, documented the pre-treatment state of the marble, and got to work. To polish and restore the marble, the team used a proprietary process involving marble-friendly chemicals and polishing and buffing tools to grind down the damaged layer of marble and expose the undamaged layer underneath. After a couple of hours of treating, honing, and polishing the marble, our customer's floors were back to looking their absolute best!

Our customer was absolutely thrilled with the results. His home was looking elegant and his floors were back to their luxurious, shiny appearance -- Sir Grout of Fairfield had another satisfied customer!

At Sir Grout, we know marble and its characteristics. With our extensive training and passion for what we do, we do not only perform excellent marble cleaning, sealing, and restoration services, we educate our customers on proper care and maintenance. If taking care of your marble surfaces is not one of your strongest skills, Sir Grout does provide this service. To find a Sir Grout near you, go to Locations and get a free quote. Give us a call at (203) 702 4896 to schedule your free evaluation today!

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