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Are Your Slate Floors Looking Aged? A Grout Cleaning Service in Sherman, CT, Could Bring Them Back to Life

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August 11, 2017

Dogs are those unconditional friends that are always waiting for you at home to give you love and company. They are playful and energetic and they can get their way just by giving you a sweet look. Anyone with a dog knows how nice it is to have them resting near you while you read a book or drink a cup of coffee. However, dogs can also get dirty and bring that dirt to your home. That's why it's important to use the correct cleaning products and techniques, especially on your floors. This homeowner had two dogs that were only puppies when he bought his current home. The house had a long hallway with raw slate floor that the dogs found particularly comfortable since it was normally cold. As time went by, the dogs ended up owning the hallway where they took long naps every day. Even though the homeowner used to clean it regularly to remove oil and stains, the floor had gradually become dingy. The grime and stains were especially visible in the grout lines that looked aged and chipped with a brownish color. The customer knew it was time to look for professional services of grout cleaning in Sherman, CT –his hometown.

This Deteriorated Floor Gained Back its Natural Color with Our Grout Cleaning Service in Sherman, CT
Unfortunately, the owner didn't have any experience in these matters, but he remembered that his sister had been in a similar situation some time ago. He instantly asked her about her experience. His sister sent him a message with a link to Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County. She told her brother that she had hired our services more than once and our technicians had exceeded her expectations every single time. The homeowner, trusting his sister, contacted our specialists and scheduled a free in-home consultation.

The day of the appointment, our team of hard surface restoration experts arrived at the owner's home to assess the slate floor. The damage was evident to the naked eye. However, our technicians' expertise determined more than just signs of deterioration; they also established the causes and the procedure to prevent it from happening again. As part of the evaluation, the experts asked about the cleaning products and methods regularly used by the owner. In this case, a big part of the dingy appearance was due to years of soapy cleaners and dirty mop water that had darkened and stained the grout lines. The crew told the owner that it was necessary to perform a multi-stage procedure to eliminate the damage, recover the appearance of the surface, and prevent further damage.

The team returned the day of the job and got to work right away. They began by cleaning the floor with an effective combination of stone safe cleaning products and a high-speed scrubbing machine to remove the grimy film on the stone tiles and grout lines. After, they used vapor steam cleaning to remove the most imbedded dirt. Even though the surface had been thoroughly cleaned by that moment, the appearance hadn't been entirely restored yet.

Grout is a porous material, making soil and grime permeation possible. This seepage can cause the grout to deteriorate faster, showing stains, chipping, flaking, cracks, and even crumble. These signs of worsening can lead to further damage, such as loose tiles. If these signs are not treated on time, the owner could end up having to replace the entire surface. Once the grout lines have been stained, it can only be reversed by recoloring the grout.

The experts knew the grout needed to be restored to its original condition. Therefore, they applied ColorSeal to the grout lines. This state-of-the-art product is a water-based, non-toxic sealant, specially designed to create a shield on grout surfaces. It's water-, stain-, oil-, mold and mildew-resistant, which ensures the preservation of the grout lines for much longer; it can last as long as grout itself when well-maintained. Apart from sealing the pores of grout, it also evens out its color. ColorSeal comes in several colors and shades from which our customers can choose their favorite. Our client chose a dove gray shade that highlighted the raw slate's natural color.

Our team also sealed the surface of the slate tiles with an impregnating sealant. The team explained to the homeowner that slate is naturally porous, just like any other stone, so it needs to be periodically sealed. Even though slate is a tough stone, it needs proper maintenance to last longer. The technicians also told him that it was necessary to avoid using topical sealers since they can leave a film on the floor. This waxy layer can attract dirt that will stick to the surface creating a brownish, grimy appearance.

When the floor had gained the desired appearance, the owner was invited in to see the results. He was thrilled to see the new look of his slate floor. He said it looked better than when he bought the house years ago. The client said that we had exceeded his expectations and that he would recommend our work to anyone in need of a hard surface restoration.

A great part of our policy consists of educating our customers about the care of their hard surfaces. So, the experts gave this homeowner some tips and suggestions on this matter.

Dry it!
The team emphasized the importance of keeping the surface as dry as possible. They explained that it is crucial to avoid spills, but if they do occur, they need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. The crew also said that it was necessary to use a damp mop to avoid flooding the floor when washing it.

Change the mop water constantly!
Even though it is tougher than others, at the end of the day, slate is still a stone. With this in mind, homeowners need to look for stone safe products that won't harm the surface. Besides this, it is imperative to constantly change the mop water to ensure removing dirt and prevent staining the stone.

Check the sealant!
Even though slate does not require as much care as other natural stones, it does need maintenance and attention. The best way to prevent damage to your stone surfaces is by keeping it sealed all the time. With time, the sealant deteriorates and stops working properly. Therefore, it is important to constantly check the state of the sealant by placing some drops of water on the stone. If the water beads, the sealer is still working, but if the water is absorbed, the surface needs to be sealed as soon as possible.

Use the appropriate products!
It is important to avoid using soap based cleaners when cleaning the surface to prevent dirt from sticking to the tiles and grout. The team explained that the best type of product to cleaning tile floors is pH neutral. For that reason, the experts recommended the owner to use Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, which can be liberally applied to your tile and grout. For better results, let the product soak for 5 minutes, then mop as usual.

If the grout lines of your stone surfaces look brownish or stained, even after you've cleaned them, they may need a grout cleaning and recoloring. Fortunately, Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County has the best professionals in the hard surface restoration industry who are highly trained to provide quality services at a fair price. For further information, fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page or call (203) 702-4896. We will gladly assist you. You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

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