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Grout Sealing Revitalizes Old Shower for New Haven Customer

December 06, 2015

Building materials age -- the natural aging process is an inevitable part of all of our homes, condos, and apartments. For this New Haven customer, the aging process was particularly apparent on his tiled shower floor. Over the decades of owning the home, he, his guests, and his family must have used that shower thousands of times. Harsh water, soaps, mildew, and grime do little damage on a daily basis, but when that damage is multiplied over years and even decades, the difference becomes very apparent.

Grout Sealing Revitalizes Old Shower for New Haven Customer

One day, our customer was looking through old pictures that were taken right after he had moved into his home. Looking at the pictures of the shower, he realized that the tiles were not even close to the same color as they were when he moved in, while the grout lines separating the tiles were now darker and duller than they had ever been before. It could have been the odd coloring of the photos, but he was convinced something was wrong. He did, after all, remember what the shower and bathroom looked like when he moved in. He tried cleaning the shower with the best over-the-counter chemicals he could find, but nothing could lift the stain on the grout. Our client loved the design and color of the shower, and did not want anyone ripping up the tiles and replacing the entire shower floor via a costly remodel. He thought professional cleaning and re-grouting was the answer. Searching for New Haven grout sealing, he found Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County. After reading numerous reviews and asking around, he was satisfied with Sir Grout's excellent reputation for integrity and commitment to a job well done, and, called up Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County to find out what their tile cleaning service could do for him.

Through the years, moisture and mildew dry out and stain grout, making it impossible to clean or restore it with over-the-counter cleaning chemicals and scrubbing. Upon arriving at the customer's residence our professional grout sealing team took some photos of the damaged shower and decided on an action plan. The floor was very old and out of date, but the customer insisted that the team not rip up and replace the floor. To accommodate the client, the team started with a thorough cleaning of the shower tiles. Sir Grout's proprietary steam cleaning procedure uses alkaline and neutral chemicals to lift the years of dirt, and heat and vapor to kill mold and mildew and get tiles looking new again. After finishing the cleaning, the team turned to ColorSeal to recolor and seal the old, stained, and dry grout. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that forms a water-resistant, protective layer that keeps moisture and dirt out of contact with the original grout, while coloring in the old, stained, dry grout with a new, lighter, even color. It created the appearance of freshly-applied, reinstalled grout. ColorSeal works very well for commercial as well as residential applications, creating consistent, excellent results.

The completed job took years off the appearance of the shower, and according to the customer, looked as close to its original appearance as possible, if not better than it did when they first moved in! For Sir Grout's team, it was extremely rewarding to bring this seemingly hopeless shower into the 21st century. We were able to save the customer thousands in remodeling costs. This way, the customer got exactly what he asked for -- a new-looking shower that is revitalized and renewed, not replaced.

As materials age, a thorough, professional cleaning is often the only way to make old tile and grout look new again. For a professional grout sealing service, trust the New Haven, Connecticut grout experts -- Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County. Call (203) 702-4896 to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!


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