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From Soiled to Impeccable: A Master Shower Is Completely Restored With a Grout Cleaning Service in New Fairfield, CT

June 15, 2017

It's undeniably welcoming to enter a home that has a clean, new appearance; many homeowners take pride in the tidiness of their homes. When time takes its toll, however, it's inevitable that some rooms start looking shabby. This is exactly how our client felt about her master bathroomóshe didn't consider it matched the rest of the house and considered having some restoration done. However, thinking it would probably turn out to be too complicated, she convinced herself not to.

A recommendation from a friend, who previously had her bathroom cleaned and ColorSealed with Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County, gave our client the final push she needed to decide on a New Fairfield grout cleaning service. She found our website and immediately scheduled a free in-home consultation.

After our timely assessment, we concluded that it was necessary to do deep grout cleaning, floor re-grouting, and our proprietary ColorSealing procedure. We explained how these processes work, and the advantages they have. She felt she could trust our knowledge and expertise on the subject and agreed to get the job started.

The first problem we tackled was the dirty floor and tiles. Eliminating the grime that had been accumulating for some time was priority. To get the grout perfectly clean, we used an appropriate cleaning product that helped remove all the dirt using a high-speed scrubbing machine; then used a vapor steam cleaning machine when necessary for difficult areas that were full of mildew and mold. Once the tiles and grout were clean, it was time for the second step of the processórepairing the grout. We removed the old grout, which was crumbling and discolored from the constant use of bleach. People often ignore the fact that bleach breaks down grout, which allows water to seep into it. That's why we strongly recommended our client to stop using bleach completely and use our new Sir Grout pH neutral cleaner if she wanted the grout to remain in good condition. The old caulk was replaced as part of the total shower renovation. For this, we used caulk that is waterproof and resistant to mildew, mold, and stains.

The last step to leaving this shower in perfect conditions, was re-coloring the grout lines. For this, we used the exclusive Sir Grout product ColorSeal, which gives the grout an even color of the client's choice; this homeowner chose a bright white, giving it a pristine appearance. In addition, it seals the grout to make it impervious and resistant to spills, stains, and dirt. It is important to note that since shower floors are continuously exposed to deteriorating agents such as moisture and soap scum, epoxy ColorSeal is always the best choice for its durability.

Before and After Picture of a Shower Grout Cleaning Service in New Fairfield, CT
We thought that it was of value to give our client some recommendations to keep her shower in good condition and take care of the job we did. We emphasized that she should keep the shower as ventilated as possible. Sir Grout Founder, Tom Lindberg, explains that glassed-in showers, like the one in our client's master bathroom, traps a lot of moisture. It is best to allow the shower to dry by keeping the door open for a while after each use.

The renovation was a success; the result was an impeccable shower that matched the cleanliness of the rest of this homeowner's home. She was delighted with our excellent job; the fact that the professional in charge of this job had been perfecting his expertise over twelve years gave her complete trust in our service. We are proud to have our clients feel so happy about our work, and we aspire to achieve this with each one of them.

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