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A Stone Polishing Brings New Life to This Fairfield Resident's Marble Floor

December 14, 2015

Marble, a long-lasting material that has been used in different structures throughout history, will always be associated with luxury and elegance. A couple of days ago, a homeowner in Fairfield, CT, contacted us. He was worried because the once-beautiful marble floor in his home had been damaged. It now had deep etch marks throughout its surface, making it look dull and dirty. He asked a friend for advice, and he recommended calling Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County as it was the best Fairfield stone polishing company. After checking out our website and reading compelling customer reviews and testimonials, he contacted our team. He was confident that we would be the best company for the job of honing and repairing his investment.

A Stone Polishing Brings New Life to This Fairfield Resident's Marble Floor
When Sir Grout's expert Fairfield stone polishing team arrived at the customer's home, they designed a plan after carefully examining the level of damage on the stone floor. Unfortunately, they realized that the floor had suffered physical and chemical damage. There were etch marks, water spots and damage throughout the entire floor. The marble floor was located in a room that used to be a powder room with lots of foot traffic. Additionally, it seemed like the floor had been cleaned with vinegar and water, because the finish looked completely dissolved. Due to the lack of maintenance and the use of improper cleaning chemicals, this client's marble floor looked extremely dull and unattractive. He wanted his stone floor looking brand new again, and was even considering replacing it. The stone was heavily damaged indeed, but after we explained to him that our highly-skilled technicians could leave his floor looking brand new without having to replace it, the client was thrilled!

We would use an original, tested, and proven honing process involving proper stone-friendly chemicals and adequate tools to repair the damaged layer of stone. The stone had really deep etch marks and dirt. This is the kind of serious damage that can be seen on marble floors due to acid. It's imperative to take proper care of your stone floors in order to avoid this kind of damage. Our technicians honed the floor and worked hard to restore the finish that the customer wanted: a beautiful, shiny, polished finish. After we were done, we explained to our client that he needed to be careful when cleaning his stone. We recommended that he use only neutral, stone safe cleaners during routine cleaning, and that if anything spilled on his floor, he needed to be sure to dry and clean up any messes right away with a clean cloth. Before we left our client's home, our team applied a coat of Sir Grout Stone Armor Sealer on the floor to help protect against future damage. We also offered him our special pH neutral soapless cleaner, which was perfect to take good care of his stone.

The client was completely happy with the results! It is extremely satisfying to see our clients' smiles when we help them give new life to their homes. Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County now had another happy customer.

Does your stone floor look dirty no matter how much you clean it? Sir Grout offers you the best stone cleaning and sealing services, and we also educate our customers on the proper stone cleaning techniques. Sir Grout of Fairfield County wishes you a happy and healthy holiday! Contact us today for a free evaluation!


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