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Marble Shower in Darien, Connecticut Undergoes an Extreme Transformation with a Grout Sealing Service

April 18, 2016

Marble is easily one of the most recognizable and beautiful stones. Marble is a coveted material for homes because it evokes luxury and opulence, increases the real estate value, and improves the aesthetic of any home. Our customer from Darien, CT, was the proud owner of a marble shower, but to his dismay, the marble and grout lines had become severely stained and discolored, stripping it of its former magnificence. Since marble is a substantial investment, the homeowner was concerned with the possibility of having to completely renew the stone shower, which would not only be costly but also time consuming. He decided to take matters into his own hands and tried to get rid of the stains with abrasive cleaning products that led to disappointing results. Since he wasn't ready to give up hope just yet, he searched online for Darien grout sealing and stone cleaning services and immediately found the experts of Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County. He called us and described the problem, and we offered him a free evaluation so our technicians could assess the shower to determine what should be done.

Marble Shower in Darien, Connecticut Undergoes an Extreme Transformation with a Grout Sealing Service - Before and After

Marble is a very delicate stone that appeals to many homeowners because of the elegant touch it can give to any space. However, this stone needs to be cared for properly or you might have some issues down the road. The homeowner didn't know that his efforts to clean his shower would be ineffective because marble is highly susceptible to acids and is easily dissolved by them. Grout is also damaged by these cleaning agents. Because grout is cement-based, it's porous and prone to discoloration. If any cleaner is left on for too long it will seep into the pores and may dissolve or discolor the grout, damaging your grout lines. Our customer wanted to prevent a renovation project at all costs - luckily, it was a problem that could be solved without having to remove the stone tiles.

Since our team had already gone to our customer's house beforehand to inspect the shower, on the day of the job, they arrived with a clear plan in mind that would dismiss the homeowner's biggest fears concerning his shower. The team proceeded to hone the stone tiles to give them a uniform appearance and remove the damage caused by chemicals, soap-scum, and mold. The next step involved cleaning the stone surface thoroughly with a neutral cleaning agent, which left the shower looking refreshed. Finally, it was time to restore the discolored grout to make the tiles look like new. This process involved cleaning the grout with vapor steam cleaning to make sure that every bit of dirt was fully removed. The homeowner's grout was the perfect candidate for Sir Grout ColorSeal, which seals and recolors stained grout and acts like a shield against water, stains, mold, and mildew.

Our team of grout specialists showed the homeowner some different colors that could match his tiles, and once it was applied, the result was unbelievable! The shower did not look like the one our team had encountered the first time! It was a complete transformation that surprised our customer and exceeded his expectations.

Before our team left, they gave the homeowner a few tips on how to properly clean stone surfaces and grout. The most important tip they gave to the homeowner was to use pH-neutral and soap-less cleaners from now on, and to avoid any cleaner with acidic components. Another piece of advice was to thoroughly dry the surface after the cleaner is applied, so it leaves no residue behind that could discolor the grout lines.

If your stone tiles or grout lines are starting to show signs of staining and discoloration, don't wait until they are beyond the point of recovery. Call us at (203) 702-4896 or fill out the form below to enjoy a free evaluation and professional grout sealing services from Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County.


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