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Fairfield Customer Avoids Costly Retiling Project with Grout Recoloring from Sir Grout

November 30, 2015

People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. For a Fairfield, Connecticut native, it took a picture to realize the difference grout recoloring could make on his bathroom's tile floor. One inch, mosaic tile is quite popular, especially in the Northeast due to its aesthetic value and slip-resistant surface. Many homes in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts feature this rather unique tile combination. For some, it reminds them of their youth. For others, the slip-resistant properties have great advantages, especially during the cold, wet New England winters. This homeowner had enjoyed the mosaic tile floor of his Fairfield home for many years before he started noticing a change. The tile no longer seemed as light-colored as it once was, while the numerous grout lines separating the one inch tiles seemed to grow darker and duller day by day.

Fairfield Customer Avoids Costly Retiling Project with Grout Recoloring from Sir Grout

At first, he thought the floor was simply dirty and tried cleaning and scrubbing his tile floor with cleaning products and chemicals. Although he noticed a slight improvement, no amount of scrubbing, cleaning, or washing seemed to get the dull, dingy look out of his bathroom floor. After the repeated failed attempts at cleaning the floor with household chemicals, our client decided that a remodel and retiling was the best solution. After several weeks of research and estimates, he was beginning to doubt his initial projections -- the remodel was going to cost a lot more than he had anticipated or was prepared to spend. One day, after chatting about his conundrum with a co-worker, the client was recommended a professional cleaning and grout recoloring as an inexpensive alternative to a remodel. He searched for Fairfield grout recoloring services and discovered Sir Grout of Fairfield. Positive reviews and great customer feedback made the choice very easy for the client -- he called Sir Grout the very next day to inquire about a professional cleaning and grout recoloring service.

Our client made the right choice by contacting professionals. Over-the-counter cleaning agents and chemicals are no substitute for a professional steam cleaning. In fact, some chemicals can damage the surface of the tiles and grout even further! One inch tiles are notorious for retaining dirt and grime because of the decreased surface area of every tile -- smaller tiles create more nooks and crannies for dirt and grime to get trapped. Grout wears out over time -- the soft, porous surface traps dirt, discolors, dries, and eventually flakes under even the most ideal conditions. Harsh Connecticut winters, foot traffic, and ever-present moisture in any bathroom make conditions anything but ideal. Although cleaning and grout recoloring is quite a complex job, Sir Grout of Fairfield has years of professional experience and know-how to tackle a job of any size and scope!

On the day of the job, Sir Grout's trained grout recoloring and sealing professionals arrived, set up, took several photos to document the progress and decided on the best course of action. The first step was a thorough cleaning of the one-inch mosaic tile via a proprietary process involving alkaline and neutral chemicals. This cleaning helped lift the years of built-up dirt and grime - and covers up the stain from years of use. The second step was sealing and recoloring the damaged and stained grout using ColorSeal. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that fills the pores of old grout and creates a clean, water-resistant top layer -- a layer that gives the appearance of new, freshly-installed grout. Sir Grout considers ColorSeal the best sealer on the market.

The final result was a fresh, new-looking bathroom floor at a fraction of the cost it would have taken to remodel and retile our client's bathroom.

For a professional grout recoloring service, trust the Fairfield, Connecticut area experts -- Sir Grout of Fairfield. Contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!


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