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A Grout Cleaning Gave This Ceramic Bathroom Floor in Greenwich, CT a Brand New Look

January 04, 2016

Tiny ceramic tiles can make a small space look expansive. A traditional home in Greenwich, CT featured a beautiful ocean of crisp, white tile. This was just one of the pristine features of the home that made selling it an easy feat. The new homeowners were pleased with the homey feel of their new abode. However, traditional features such as the tiny white tiles with many white grout lines on the floor of the master bathroom made cleanup less than a breeze. Several months down the road, the grout was already beginning to grey but the miniscule grout lines were so distant to the eye it took a long time for the new owners to notice. Finally, an overall appearance of grime and dirt appeared over the tile and grout. They took to the cleaning products the homeowners were able to eliminate some of the discoloration from the tile, but the grout seemed hopelessly stained a distasteful shade of grey-brown. What could they do to get rid of this disgusting color on their once beautiful floor?

A Grout Cleaning Gave This Ceramic Bathroom Floor in Greenwich, CT a Brand New Look

The Greenwich couple quickly took to their neighbor's homes for a recommendation. Did anyone know a good Greenwich grout cleaning service? They quickly got a recommendation for Sir Grout of Greater Fairfield County and immediately scheduled a free evaluation on their floors. Hosting dinner parties and get-togethers would not be an option if this grout was not cleaned up! The team estimated that the job could be done in just 1-2 days if it was just a grout problem. The couple felt bit relieved and waited for the day of the estimate.

The team arrived prepared for a grout cleaning, and after looking at the sturdy ceramic tile, they knew that tile and grout cleaning would be the cure for this messy looking floor. The grout was in for a cleaning and ColorSeal treatment. The cleaning would guarantee removal of the grime and dirt. With a proprietary mix of gentle pH-neutral chemicals and vapor, the cleaning component was quickly completed. While the grime and dirt were easily removed, the stains from long-term exposure to dirt and bacteria had left a stain. Just like spilling cranberry juice on a shirt and not washing it immediately, leaving dirt and bacteria on grout has a staining effect. To restore the bright white appearance, it would be necessary to ColorSeal the grout. ColorSeal would return a uniform color to the grout, even more uniform than when it was first installed! ColorSeal would also seal the grout filling in all the porous holes that make a safe haven for dirt, bacteria, mold, and grime. The biggest benefits to ColorSealing their grout would include protecting the grout, and also making cleanup easier and more effective. ColorSeal is stain-resistant, mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, and water-resistant, preventing grout from absorbing water and deteriorating.

Finally, the team applied tile armor to help seal the tile and prevent staining and buildup. This was another great preventative measure to make cleanup easier and protect the longevity of the tile and grout.

The job was complete, and the Greenwich couple was ecstatic to see a bathroom that looked brand new and promised easier cleanup. What could they do to prevent the tile and grout from getting soiled in the future? Using a pH-neutral cleanser would guarantee that the seal would last as long as possible. It's dangerous to let tile and grout fall to ruin. Cracked grout can mean water damage, and tile damage can lead to broken tiles and floor replacements. It was a good thing they took care of the floor when they did.

If you have a bathroom that looks perpetually dirty no matter how much you clean it, you may need a grout cleaning and recoloring to make your maintenance simpler. Call us at (203) 702-4896 to schedule a free estimate on your floors, countertops, and other hard surfaces today!


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